Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New SellSmart Website Launched

LA JOLLA, CA– SellSmart Real Estate announced this month that it has completely revamped its website into an exciting new franchise office support and communications hub. Scheduled to go live the first week of March 2006, the website features Consumer Savings Calculators and Office Locator functions to channel today’s demand for premium savings with reduced commission, to the growing number of SellSmart franchise offices.

The dramatically fresh, new design is only the first of several phases. SellSmart Real Estate also intends to achieve a strong traffic flow through Internet marketing and links that connect consumers to their franchise offices. Affiliate brokers and agents will enjoy comprehensive back office support through a control panel, with an entire section devoted to training.
The next phase will focus on building the brand, by creating and offering website templates to all franchise offices, which will have the branded look and feel of a SellSmart website. Consumers will know instantly that they have entered a trusted partner in the real estate industry when they visit a franchise site.

The final phase will be to provide an online transaction management system as a parallel program that will appear to integrate seamlessly between the corporate and franchise office sites. A tiered system will allow regional sales and area development managers to access all their offices and obtain summaries on demand.

This new website marks another milestone in the company’s response to meeting the fast-growing consumer demand for premium service with savings. “We use technology to create efficiencies in our business model, that can then be passed on to the consumer in the savings it generates,” said CEO Lynda Cook at the SellSmart 2005 Convention. “It makes sense that we also use technology to enhance our franchisees’ experience by providing online access to training and collateral materials, interactive blogs and networking tools, and an electronic transaction and reporting system.”

SellSmart Real Estate license sales commenced in 2002 upon approval of the trademark, and to date, SellSmart has opened 50 locations in 4 states. A privately-held enterprise, SellSmart Real Estate chose to convert to a franchise, due to the unqualified success of their licensed offices. Widely recognized for its consumer-driven business model, the SellSmart® program provides home sellers with professional expertise throughout the entire cycle of home selling without paying the standard industry commission. Through use of innovative marketing approaches, sellers are able to realize substantially more savings.

Understanding that technology, effective marketing techniques, and an innovative business model enables them to operate more efficiently without reducing services, SellSmart has opted to pass the savings on to the consumer. “Sellers have been waiting for an alternative to traditional high commissions,” says Lynda Cook, “Our competitive set fee structure fills a long-awaited niche in the real estate industry.” In addition, although it is a low set fee real estate company, SellSmart remains committed to maintaining a positive relationship within the industry by continuing to respect standard commission rates with outside buyer agents.

You can visit the new website at SellSmart Real Estate


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