Monday, June 12, 2006

SellSmart Real Estate partners with Knockbox

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 12, 2006– SellSmart Real Estate announced at the C.A.R. Convention last week that it has entered into a license agreement with Ardell-Martin Industries to use their Knockbox™ Technology. Distribution is scheduled to begin in late July, however SellSmart agents have already begun placing orders.

A Knockbox™ is a sleek, self-contained appliance that is placed unobtrusively inside the home for sale. It contains a photographic tour, custom buyer presentation, and other important details about the property that can all be accessed without ever having to enter the home.
A Knockbox™ property will grab drive-by buyers 24/7 and provide them with an immediate tour of the entire premises. Anyone with WiFi capability will be able to obtain a tour on demand. The self-screening process allows interested buyers to view additional details about the property and access agent contact information, all from the privacy and convenience of any WiFi-capable device. A potential buyer simply connects to the Knockbox™ wirelessly and opens their web browser.

Because Knockbox™ was developed as a friendly, effective buyer tool, it in turn benefits sellers as well. The increased public exposure adds to the entire property marketing package, and enhances the agent’s professional credibility. In addition, sellers can gain the benefit equivalent of holding open house every day, with minimal interruption in their daily lives.
The partnership between SellSmart Real Estate and Ardell-Martin Industries reflects the SellSmart commitment to meeting the fast-growing consumer demand for premium service with savings. “We use technology to create efficiencies in our business model, that can then be passed on to the consumer in the savings it generates,” said CEO Lynda Cook, at the SellSmart 2006 mid-year Marketing Symposium. “We also take pride in our ability to expand the use of those technologies to enhance the total marketing portfolio that we offer to our client base.”
SellSmart Real Estate commenced franchise sales in 2004, and to date SellSmart has opened 50 locations in California, Nevada, and the District of Columbia. A privately-held enterprise, SellSmart Real Estate is widely recognized for its professional image and consumer-driven business model. The SellSmart® program provides home sellers with professional expertise throughout the entire cycle of home selling without paying the standard industry commission. Through use of innovative marketing approaches, sellers are able to realize substantially more savings.

Understanding that technology, effective marketing techniques, and an innovative business model enables them to operate more efficiently without reducing services, SellSmart has opted to pass the savings on to the consumer. “Sellers have been waiting for an alternative to traditional high commissions,” says Lynda Cook, “Our competitive low fee structure fills a long-awaited niche in the real estate industry.” In addition, although it is a leader in the discount real estate market, SellSmart remains committed to maintaining a positive relationship within the industry by continuing to respect standard commission rates with outside buyer agents.

The initial franchise fee is $12,500. Franchise offices pay a 6% royalty with no monthly minimum payment required. There are no monthly advertising or administrative fees assessed. For more information about obtaining a franchise, please call 800-919-2950 or visit the new website at


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