Friday, June 23, 2006

SellSmart Smart Car "Get Smart" Tour

It's Friday and tomorrow I will get on a plane and head to Portland to start the SellSmart Smart Car "Get Smart" Tour. Can you feel yourself getting smarter already?

I will be in Redding on Sunday to visit Ken and Shelley Gilchrist, SellSmart First Choice, and their new baby Codi Rene. The Gilchrists were last years winners of the SellSmart Dynamic Growth Award which they were presented with at last years convention.

Monday takes me to Kevin Wilson and Vince Nason's Granite Bay office, SellSmart Plus. Kevin was the recipient last year for the Top Sales Office. Starting at 9:00am we will be showing the car and demonstrating the Knockbox, so if you are near Granite Bay come see us until 12:00pm.

Monday afternoon is spent in Vacaville with Don and Donna Thompson and their whole gang at SellSmart 1st Choice.

An excerpt from our press release:


SellSmart Real Estate announced this week that they are launching their first Knockbox demo tour, traveling in a 2006 Smart Car Fortwo to tour California SellSmart offices and demonstrate the new Knockbox technology to the general public.

A subsidiary of Daimler-Chrysler, the Smart brand is the leader in the new direction of eco-friendly transportation. Sporting a compact frame and lightweight engine, the Smart Car offers an efficient mode of transportation that SellSmart Real Estate CEO Lynda Cook says “is compatible with our consumer-driven programs. We look for ways that new technology can heighten the efficiency of our business model, and expand upon the effective marketing tools we offer to our valued clients. It is the perfect car from which we can educate people about the Knockbox.” Cleck back here to find out more about the Knockbox tour schedule.


I will have another site with pictures and additional blog entries from the tour.

See you on the road!


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