Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In print, on the air and in the blogosphere

SellSmart and Knockbox are getting a lot of attention these days. Recent magazine and newspaper articles include C&R Resources, Personal Real Estate Investor and the Manteca Bulletin.

After you read the Manteca Bulletin article at the Smart Car Tour site listen to what Leo Laporte had to say about us.

The blogosphere has been very active with news about SellSmart. Read MaisonBisson, Sellsius and the biggest Engadget.

According to Technorati, Engadget has over 25,000 other blogs linking to it making it the most linked to blog.

Is your listing a Knockbox Home?

A recent article from Inman News correspondent Bernice Ross cited some of the hot strategies from Real Estate Connect. She makes some insightful observations about the future of real estate technology. One of these is that the consumer today desires to get as much information about a home from their initial visit. She mentions a company, CellSigns, that can text message info about a listing right to a cell phone. While this idea is great, it is important to recognize the limits that text messaging has placed on it by cell phone carriers. Currently a text message is limited to 160 characters, while this is plenty to provide the basics about a property, what about pictures?

A Knockbox, in its current version, provides an entire web page including pictures and contact information for the agent listing the home. The future versions of the Knockbox are more amazing. We are currently working on VoIP, GPS, usage metrics, floor plans, inclusion of an agent's other inventory on each Knockbox, remote updating, blogging and video vitual tours. The versions to come will make each Knockbox Home an entire website about its community. All accessable from outside the home, how easy is that?