Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who drives around with Wi-Fi devices? EVERYONE

While introducing someone to the idea of the Knockbox I am often asked the above question, to which I give my usual reply.

"Do you use email, do you text, do you IM, do you read blogs? Did you do this these things three years ago?"

Well, probably email, but the others were not part of your behavior three years ago.

Hopping on a WiFi network will most likely be how you do these things. Most everyone will know how to do this and the latest move to WiFi ubiquity can be found in a new router/service being introduced at CES this January.


Autonet mobile, the company responsible for putting the Internet inside of Avis rentals is selling their WiFi car router to the public this spring. The routers plug into your ciggy adapter, and use what sounds like EV-DO via Virgin Mobile. Interesting. read it

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